The UK’s transition to high-efficiency low carbon buildings

Published immediately prior to the UK’s Net Zero Strategy, the Heat and Buildings Strategy sets out the government’s plan to significantly cut carbon emissions from the UK’s 30 million homes and workplaces in ‘a simple, low-cost and green way’.

The Heat and Buildings Strategy, published on 19 October, builds on the commitments made in the  2018 Clean Growth: Transforming Heating review, the Energy White Paper and 10 Point Plan. It aims to set out the strategic decisions that need to be taken in the coming decades in order to reach net zero by 2050. Like the transition to electric vehicles, decarbonising residential, commercial, industrial and public sector buildings will be a gradual transition, which will start by incentivising consumers and driving down costs.  Gradual as it may be, it is no mean feat: heating these buildings contributes to almost a quarter of all UK emissions.


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