German Cal-20 Contract Increased – Energy Flashback – Week 28

The German Cal-20 contract traded at a level not seen since end of 2018. Find out what else has been happening in the energy markets in our quick video overview.

  • Carbon’s ascent towards €30 saw the German Cal-20 trade at a level not seen since Dec. 2018.
  • Rising French river temperatures threaten production from riverside nuclear reactors.
  • Chinese numbers were mixed, and GDP growth is at a 27-year low.
  • European gas hub prices are now cheaper than Asian spot LNG for the first time in four years.
  • Gulf of Mexico oil & gas producers have begun restarting after Storm Barry. Over 74% of production was affected.
  • Nord Stream pipelines between Russia and Germany are closed for two weeks for annual maintenance.
  •  The acting IMF chief still sees sluggishness in the global economy but does not foresee a recession.
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