Launch of Faraday Institute to Boost Battery Technology in the UK

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has announced the launch of the Faraday Institute, a consortium of seven UK universities that will accelerate the research and development of battery technologies. The move forms part of the £246 million Faraday Research Challenge, which is divided into three streams: research, innovation, and scale-up. (more…)

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Government Plan to Encourage Energy Storage

Wide ranging reforms for energy storage operators will increase the flexibility of the UK’s energy system and reduce costs to customers, according to a new strategy published by the government last week. The policy paper, “upgrading our energy system” outlines plans to encourage the use of innovative technologies, which includes the removal of barriers to uptake. For example, at present battery storage is sometimes treated as a generator and at other times as a consumer of energy, which increases the costs it faces. Ofgem intends to address this by defining the status of storage clearly in legislation. In addition, the requirement for battery storage to pay green levies will be removed. These changes are expected to be in place by 2019.


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Rough End for the UK’s Largest Gas Storage Facility

The UK’s largest natural gas storage facility, Rough, will no longer be in operation following a decision by Centrica Storage (CSL).

The storage facility has been in function for more than 30 years, and now its “wells and facilities are at the end of their design life”. As a result, CSL has announced plans to close the facility.

Rough was the UK’s only depleted gas field used for storage and was responsible for 70% of the UK’s gas storage volume. (more…)

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Vattenfall to Start Construction of New Battery Project

Vattenfall will start construction of the UK’s largest battery storage scheme this summer, to be located at the Pen y Cymoedd wind farm in Wales. This location makes use of the existing grid connections and means the batteries can be powered by the wind farm or directly from the grid. The 22MW battery system, known as Battery@PyC, will comprise of six shipping containers filled with BMW lithium-ion batteries. (more…)

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