Large organisations compelling supply chains to reduce their emissions

Small or unprepared organisations might find their clients’ demands challenging.

As organisations grow and their operations become more complex, so do their supply chains. In 2019, CDP’s supply chain report revealed that, among CDP respondents, supply chain emissions tend to be five and a half times greater than operational emissions. The 2020 edition of the same report revised the estimate significantly thanks to improvements in emissions accounting across supply chains. CDP respondents today estimate that their supply chain emissions are more than eleven times greater than their operational emissions.


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BEIS Energy Trends for Q2 2019

BEIS has published its quarterly Energy Trends for April to June 2019. The publication compares the UK’s energy consumption trends and the fuel and generation mix across quarters in different years. Q2 2019 saw 35.5% of electricity generated by renewable resources. This was a record for the quarter, up 3.5% from the same quarter in 2018, largely thanks to increased generation capacity. (more…)

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