Blowing Away Limiting Beliefs – The Difference That Makes a Difference

I often speak to people from a wide variety of backgrounds who struggle to achieve what they really want in life, and one common question that I hear repeatedly is why? Why am I not getting the results I expect? Why are my colleagues doing better than me? Why are they so lucky? Why, why, why?

There could be many different answers depending on your context, but very rarely is the why question the best place to start.

It is not about why, but how. How can you achieve rather than why aren’t you. How are others getting better results? How can I learn from them? Then I tend to hear, “Well Ian, how do I do that? That is just how I am. How can I adapt my mind to think differently?”

Simple, you retrain it.


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Strategic Referral Relationships – An Opportunity to Work Together

At Alfa Energy, we are working hard to build a long-term sustainable business. To do that well, it is vital that we offer and deliver value to our clients. Given that we were founded over 20 years ago and that we have more than 4,000 clients, we must be doing something right. However, we are keen to continue to grow our client base. This is one of the reasons we are expanding our energy cost management services out into international waters, with offices in Sarajevo, Frankfurt, and Chicago, alongside our HQ in London. With this expansion comes the challenge of scalability. We are a privately owned business, debt free with big plans but we are also relatively risk averse. As such, the excitement and opportunity of global expansion need to be tempered with realism and, as such, I would characterise ourselves as pragmatic opportunists.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I am looking to work with likeminded businesses to develop (where possible) mutually beneficial relationships on a UK, European, or international scale. Relationships that make sense, that work, that mean 1+1= greater than 2.


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The Power of Effective Coaching

Having good managers just isn’t good enough

As I have grown and developed as a manager of people, I have learnt that effective coaching and structured learning can have a real positive impact on the people I work with. Even though my role is multifaceted, I ultimately see myself as a coach. You can have “all singing, all dancing” systems and groundbreaking products and services. Yet, if your workforce is not engaged with you or your objectives or are not driven to develop themselves, you are likely to struggle to achieve the results you and your business desire.

Many people say they train and coach their staff and provide for their development needs, and yet they still wonder why results do not come. You may also be a manager that doesn’t necessarily feel like you are a coach at all. If you manage people, you do have the opportunity to improve results by simply understanding and working with the individuals in your team better.


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